I will never have enough to repay Stand By Me for the help they gave me in the most needed time of my family life.


Your incredible team is so wonderful and has given my parents so much confidence in the will to fight. It’s incredible. I cannot thank you enough for just picking up the phone and talking to my mom and dad and letting them know that you care, asking if there’s anything you can do, and actually doing so many wonderful things. The home visits, sitting down with them and taking your time to drink a hot cup of tea and having a conversation, even if it’s just for a half an hour, and not asking for anything in return, is absolutely remarkable.


Thank you and your incredible team for all that you do. You have given my parents confidence to move forward through this terrible time fighting this treacherous disease. I cannot thank you enough.


Thank you so much for all that you do. The Shabbat dinners and all the resource you provide are appreciated by us. Your support, prayers and positive thoughts truly give me strength and hope through this challenging time. With much love.


I am very grateful for the holy work that you and all the other at Stand By Me are doing.